Personal Care

Meal Preparation & Home Care Services On Hilton Head Island, SC

Seniors have spent their lives taking care of others; now, we’re here to take care of them. Our home care services on Hilton Head Island, SC, include meal preparation that ensures elderly individuals have access to the delicious meals they deserve. We’ll take care of the details, so your loved one can enjoy their food in comfort. There’s nothing quite like a meal cooked with love, and our team is here to do just that.

Prepared According To Your Taste

We take every step to ensure breakfast, lunch, and dinner are sensitive to their preferences. We’ll always let them know what we’re serving so they can look forward to the next meal. Our commitment is to protect their health and happiness, and nothing demonstrates that more than an individually tailored menu.


Your Custom Caterer

 Helping Hands, Healing Hands, LLC always follows the individual’s meal schedule and dietary requirements. We cater to any sensitivities, allergies, or medical restrictions to ensure they’re served according to their nutritional needs and taste. Our home care service staff will make a note of the foods they love and the ones they don’t!


Talk to us about our home care services today, and your loved one can start enjoying the convenience of catered meals.