Personal Care

Complete Senior Care Services in Hilton Head Island, SC

Ensure your elderly loved ones can live comfortably in their own homes by seeking the support solutions offered by Helping Hands, Healing Hands, LLC. We offer various in-home senior care services in Hilton Head Island, SC, to provide daily living assistance to our elderly clients.

Our experienced sitters help with personal carehandling everything from meal preparation to light housework. We also work to keep our clients active throughout the day and provide transportation services to take your elderly loved ones to their appointments as needed. Contact us today to learn more about our in-home senior services or discuss your favorite senior citizen’s current needs.

Keeping Active Physically & Mentally

After a long, busy life working and raising kids, staying at home all of the time can get lonely and depressing. And at this time of life, the elderly may be slowing down physically and mentally. To keep their body and minds active is possible with companion care. Our agency matches caregivers with aging parents.


On the physical side of this, companions and elderly clients walk together, share in the chores, and participate in an exercise class on TV. It’s much more fun to have a friend to work out with. On the mental side, they can play board games, work together on crossword puzzles, and read books aloud. This stimulates the mind and keeps the brain active.

Transportation for Appointments & Errands

Many of the elderly don’t drive anymore, making it challenging to shop for food, run errands, or visit family and friends. Let us help. Our caregivers can do the grocery shopping and provide transportation for our aging clients. Many senior citizens want to visit places that include the doctor’s office, church, and the bingo hall. We can make that happen with our home care services.

Providing You with Peace of Mind

As a home care provider, our company helps keep our clients safe and comfortable in their own houses for as long as possible. This also gives you peace of mind that your elderly loved one is well taken care of and that they are not alone during the day.

Plus, we also provide 24-hour care to ensure that our clients are safe throughout the night. So, if your loved one needs assistance while living at home, trust our skilled elder care companions to provide the care your loved ones require.

Give us a call or send a message about the care needs of senior citizens.